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Stairways need to be functional, beautiful, and safely get you and your loved ones from one floor to another. We carry L.J. Smith’s stair systems, offering our clients a versatile and diverse selection of designs and materials to fit any personal and architectural style.

Stair systems and accessories include:

L.J. Smith’s Stairways

Recognized for uniquely designed stairway components that combine strength and durability with beautiful craftsmanship, L.J. Smith’s has been an industry leader for more than a century.

We feel confident that you’ll find the perfect stairway system for your home to match your style, budget, and timeline.

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Stair System Types and Styles

Staircases can be subtle or dramatic, depending on the room and purpose. Before choosing the materials, colors, finishes, and embellishments, you need to find the perfect shape to complement the space while adding beauty and functionality.

The shape of your stairs should create an organic flow and energy in the room. Popular stair shapes include:

Choosing a Stair System

Whether choosing stair systems for a brand new home build or replacing a staircase in a home remodel, consider both the aesthetics and the functional properties.

Aesthetics considerations, like personal and interior style, choosing similar materials, colors, and finishes, give the room good flow, ambiance, and personality. Maintain your interior design integrity by choosing a style that complements other materials and elements in the room, like wood trim, mouldings, and millwork, doors, windows, and floors to maintain your design integrity.

Functional considerations, like safety and comfort, need to play a significant role in choosing a stair system. Children, adults, seniors, differently-abled people, and pets all need to be able to utilize the staircase comfortably and safely and may impact the types of banisters, balusters, and steps you choose, including the size and the spacing of each element.

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