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Prefinish Work

Our pre-finish work is recognized industry-wide thanks to techniques that both protect and beautify your investment. Pre-finishing work is done in-house before delivery, and installation, saving you time and money. Our doors, stair systems, moulding, trim, and millwork come out strong, durable, and uniform in appearance with precision and attention to detail.

Our prefinish services include:

Benefits of In-House Pre-finished Wood

Pre-finishing wood at our facility ensures a clean, climate-controlled environment guarding wood against any outside elements before the wood is protected. We can fine tune and perfect every piece of trim, hand smoothing and sanding to excellence, and making sure that each piece is identical in style, color, and tone.


Wood is a reactive material. Proper drying and acclimation times are vital to prevent the wood from warping and cracking. Pre-finishing provides the protection you want to ensure a durable product with longevity and a uniform appearance. 

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Hand-Sanding and Smoothing

The secret to our industry-wide success and recognition comes from our commitment to integrity, quality, and precision. Hand-sanding and smoothing techniques benefit more than just the aesthetic. Finding the right balance between a surface that is clean and smooth to the touch but has enough texture and grip to hold on to the stain, color, and finish comes from years of experience and industry knowledge.

Cleaner and Smoother Installation Process

Finishing wood is a messy and dusty process, not to mention the fumes associated with painting, staining, and finishing. Why bring that mess into your home when we can do it for you at Suburban Door?!

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Sustainable and Weather-Resistant

Whenever possible, we implement sustainable finishing techniques, like using water-based stains. We choose products sourced from responsibly managed forests, and we practice recycling and minimizing waste at our facility.

For exterior wood products, a topcoat with UV additives will protect materials from outdoor elements. With the proper techniques and products, your wood trim will have a long and healthy life, inside and outside your home.

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